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Tesco are now selling Electronic Cigarettes

It’s true. Tesco now have a range of electronic cigarettes. The main problem for people looking to purchase one though is choosing the right one. I would like to introduce you to the very best tesco e cigarette made by a company called Vapestick.

Do they work?

YES! I found Vapestick in my local Tesco pharmacy and I am so glad I did. They are in my opinion the best electronic cigarette in the UK. After a little research I was so impressed with the Vapestick brand (www.vapestick.co.uk) that I have been busy writing reviews about all of the Vapestick Products. Take a look at some of the reviews here.

Which one should I buy?

It all depends what you are trying to accomplish. Vapestick produce a range of electronic cigarettes from disposable to rechargeable ones. If you are trying out e-cigs for the first time I would probably suggest trying the Vapestick V2 which in my opinion is the best disposable that Vapestick sell. It is available in Original and Menthol and comes with a nicotine strength of 1.8% and 0%.

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E-Cigarttes have changed the world

Smoking has for years been a big problem to everyone’s health. Including mine. I am so pleased that it is now possible to continue to smoke for the rest of my life and not worry about harmful tar and toxic chemicals entering my lungs and body. E-Cigs still contain nicotine (If you want them to) but in itself nicotine is not dangerous like tar. Nicotine is addictive though so I would only recommend buying an e-cig containing nicotine if you are already addicted to it. If you want to buy one for fun or to try it out your best bet is to order one that has 0% nicotine.

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